czwartek, 11 lutego 2016

the new TopGear

I'm not a racist/sexist/whatever. I mean no offense to any member of the crew (especially NOT the person in front of 'e' of TopGear - the way I see people has usually nothing to do with reality. Best wishes for you! Knowing my mis-judgment of people, your ancestors probably slapped Romans around Hadrian Wall).
However, looking at the picture I have inevitable thoughts:

  • Black guy, 1pc - check
  • Blonde lady, 1pc - check,
  • Funny, skilled driver, 1pc - check,
  • Her Majesty approved host guy, 1pc - check,
  • Immigrant-looking guy, 1pc - check,
  • Science-looking guy, 1pc - check,
  • Stig, fully assembled, 1pc - check

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